– About –

I am a Graduate from Loyola Marymount University with a degree in French. For the past 7 years, I have devoted thousands of hours speaking with and guiding individuals all across the globe. Discovering how they thought, processed information, handled problems, made decisions, etc. helped me discover a trend. At the end of each conversation, I was able to help almost every individual either answer their question, solve their own problem, or arrive at their desired destination. So what held them back from discovering these things on their own? I found that oftentimes, the disconnect was that the bridge between the individual’s unconscious and conscious mind had been broken, leading to misalignment between mind, body, and spirit.

Determined to help as many people bridge the gap between their unconscious and conscious mind, I became certified in Life coaching, Motivational Coaching, Social and Emotional Intelligence Coaching, and also earned a certification in Advanced NLP Communication from the Society of NLP with Richard Bandler. My instructor, Nicole Schneider, is a world renowned coach whose coaching company is the company of choice for the Pentagon, Dutch Government, UN, United States Armed Forces Psychiatrists, Multiple fortune 500 companies, professional athletes, and the European branches of Nike. From having years of experience in the entrepreneurial, health and wellness, travel, insurance, and financial industries, as well as being mentored by multiple six-seven figure earners and even a few people worth hundreds of millions of dollars, I have received priceless information and knowledge that I willingly share with others in hopes of bettering their lives.

Being involved for many years in fine arts including acting, singing, modeling, piano, drums, guitar, and study of music, as well as having over 15 years of experience in various sports including golf, football, basketball, swimming, track, tennis, and soccer, led to me acquiring an arsenal of skills that has helped hundreds of people get on their desired life path. Being well traveled, having a father who is an immigrant from Switzerland, and being conversational in multiple languages has also given me the awareness and skillset to help others develop on a cultural and international level. As seen in my mission statement, I strive to guide and lead others to their truth and freedom through self-discovery, emotional awareness, and mindset development.