– Testimonials –

“I had a rough patch in my relationship where I felt like I had no say or opinion in my relationship. Daniel helped me discover how to have self respect and to stand up for myself. Something he said stuck with me, “If I don’t stand for something, I’ll fall for anything.” After a few sessions with Daniel, I’ve not only been able to stand up for myself and build a more meaningful and healthy relationship with my girlfriend, but I’ve also learned how to not let others walk all over me and take advantage of my kindness. Ever since our sessions, I’ve felt like a more well-rounded and confident individual!”


John Shipley, 21, Parkour Athlete (Oregon)

Before I met Daniel, I was constantly asking myself “why” and had a lot of “what ifs” in my life. I kept trying to search for a concrete answer to everything. Daniel helped me realized that it is ok to not know everything and that that is part of life’s journey. He also helped me become comfortable with being in an uncomfortable state of mind or physical being as these phases are necessary for growth. I would highly recommend seeing him to get help or clarity in your life.

Chase Jenkins, 22, Student and Financial Intern at Merril Lynch (California)

I met Daniel last summer in Luxembourg and we have stayed in touch since. Daniel is the type of person you don’t have to talk to everyday but when you do, it feels like family. whenever I feel some kind of mental unclarity or am indecisive in situations, he helps me. He shares love, knowledge and emotional support. The one thing about him that I love is the fact that he respects other people’s model of the world which allows things to be put into the right perspective. Because of this unique approach, he is able to inspire and help me, and many others. And finally, he is more than a great human. He has a great spirit and soul. Thank you


Max Specht, 21, Investor, Entrepreneur, Semi-professional Soccer player (Germany)

Daniel was able to see me as I was in the present, which allowed communication to my higher self. Each time we talked and dove deeper into the patterns I was experiencing in my life, the more he helped open my eyes to doorways that had always been open for me and new perspectives that I was previously blinded from. What I credit Daniel the most for, is his innate ability to remind me that he isn’t the one creating my new profound happiness of life, but rather that I have had it in myself all along. He was simply the guidance I had longed for and need on my journey. I feel like I finally met someone who speaks the unique language that my mind understands and I am so grateful for how he has helped me.


Delphina Saragosa, 23, Spiritual Entrepreneur (Arizona)

Ever since I met Daniel, my life has completely changed. I met him at a really tough time in my life and he gave me the tools to overcome the struggles I was facing. Since knowing him, he has coached me through multiple situations (small and large) and he really helped me keep calm and see the bigger picture. He has also helped me work through relationship struggles and guided me to better results for my life and well-being. I am now graduating from college and have gotten two professional internships with the Walt Disney World Company.

Brooke Kedulski, 20, Student and Disney Ambassador (New York)

Daniel has an extremely open, honest, and gentle presence about him that makes the environment welcoming. He has a special ability to listen and has the skills to help you navigate through your “stuff.” Daniel was always there to help me whether it was with relationship problems, life choices, and preparing for job opportunities. He holds me to a standard that I don’t hold for myself, and I appreciate him so much for seeing the potential in me, and inspiring me to see my own potential. I would not have been confident in myself as an artist or a person if I did not have Daniel there to guide me.


Natalie Sharp, 23, Actress & Model (Canada)